Real Estate Agent Fees & Commission

Commission is the fee paid to a real estate agent for selling your property. Keep in mind that what you end up paying will depend on your property, the local market and the agent you select.

Munro Realty are proud to offer and stand by our industry leading 2% Flat Rate Commission ( inc G.S.T.).

Real Estate Agent Percentage

The average commission in your suburb will vary from the state average, but with Munro Realty capped 2% you are in safe hands.

A difference of just one percent can mean a huge saving, so do your research.

From a seller’s point of view, a small difference in the percentage can make a huge difference in savings.

Commissions are put in place to act as an incentive for agents to get the best price for your property.

It means is that you can be 100% certain of the fee which is payable, regardless of whether the price is lower or higher than your expectations.

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